In order to provide 100% availability on the equipment it sold or rented, Solongo Exim keeps all necessary parts readily available in the warehouse and delivers reliable professional services in a timely manner. With the sophisticated warehouse operations, we are able to provide you with the high equipment availability, low utilization costs and a guaranteed satisfaction all around the year.

If you're going to buy an equipment, the first thing to make sure is that parts delivery and logistics system is well developed and in place for your service. Solongo Exim has company’s warehouse and custom bonded warehouse stocked with high quality OEM parts ready for the maintenance and repair of the equipment it sells, providing timely and reliable after sales product service.



Solongo Exim is also an official distributor for XEMC dump body. XEMC uses light weight body structure technology which increases the payload capacity resulting in a higher production.

Advantages of XEMC body:

• Lightweight body design: 15% to 25% lighter than standard body used in mining,

• Relatively low maintenance costs,

• The body is made of WELDOX 700 and HARDOX 450 steel.  This type of metal allows welding at the low temperatures and it is extremely cold-resistant which is ideal for Mongolia's climate.

XEMC sales data

As one of Rio Tinto’s major dump body supplier, XEMC delivered 69 bodies to Australian market including:

  • 19 units of Komatsu 730E body,
  • 46 units of Komatsu 830E body,
  • 4 units of X XEMC body.

XEMC also delivered 30 units of Komatsu 930E high performance light body to Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia and over 800 units of mining dump body in Chinese domestic market.


Working as an official distributor of #DYNAMAXX brand of Sailun Group, known in many countries of the world.


We will supply 12.00R20, 1400R20, 1400R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, 24.00R35, 27.0049, 33.00R51, 45/6545 tires for mining.



Italian ITR is the global parts and component manufacturer of Caterpillar® and Komatsu's® engines, and is one of the largest trans-national corporations that have already gained their foothold in the sector.  ITR not only offers its users a top-class quality parts, but also provides exclusive, fast, accurate and compatible services and tangible savings.

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